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James painting "Starry Night"

“Hi James. How are you today?”

“Hi. I’m fine,” replies James Lash.

Other than greetings and answering direct questions, James is a quiet person.  Underneath his quiet exterior, James is an expressive and passionate artist who shares with us a little of his experience of the world through artistic mediums.  James is another exceptional artist we have at Pottery Works.  James has been drawing from a young age and has been a member of Pottery Works since its inception.

James posing at Art Show with his work.

Watching James paint, glaze pottery, or sketch in his book, one is immediately made aware that he has natural artistic abilities.  James sees the world in all it’s complexity: colourful, dynamic, and 3-dimensional with both organic and man-made structures.  James represents his subjects easily and with great accuracy.

James has very diverse skills as an artist. As a potter, James creates beautiful, solemn masks. James also creates fruit or floral motifs on bowls and plates.

Jame's mask


Another subject that James likes to represent is cities.  James often paints city-scape views of Vancouver and other cities.


The two images here (above and below), are paintings by James that were selected for the 2015 posAbilities/Community Living Society 10th Anniversary art calendar (2015).


What is more, James helps his fellow artists with sketching and drawing subject matter to paint.  For example, in the below Dan Tell bowl, James helped Dan with the initial sketch.


James loves food and especially looks forward to holiday meals, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinner.  James also enjoys airshows, rodeos, and figure skating.  The money James makes from selling his artwork is used for these special events that James looks forward to each year.