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Meet Dan! Dan is one of Pottery Works’ more experienced artists. He has been involved with Pottery Works for approximately 13 years, he says.  Not only is Dan an avid potter, he also paints landscapes and scenes from nature.  I can tell you that Dan always- and without fail- has a smile on his face.  When his artwork sells, Dan said that he feels good and wants to pat himself on the back.


Dan is also a “thinker.” Occasionally we will catch him lost in thought. Dan also takes great pride in his appearance, and is always dressed nicely for work.  He also loves to joke around. Dan pretends to paint his ear, or he pretends to wash his brush in peoples’ tea or coffee.

Dan says, “Hi,” and waves to everyone that walks by our table here at the River Market (next to our shop). Dan said he likes talking to customers, and he especially loves showing customers his artwork. Below, Dan is showing us his shelf inside our store.


One of Dan’s favourite motifs for his pottery are floral patterns. Dan says he paints flowers because they look good and people buy them. Dan wants to share with you his process for creating beautiful flowers on bowls.


First, Dan sands the bowl or pottery piece that he is working on.  Sometimes, he will paint a wash (glaze mixed with plenty of water for a light background colour). Above he used Bright Grape as a wash. Next, Dan gets help drawing flowers and leaves.


Then, Dan chooses the colours he would like. His favourite colours are typically Light Purple, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green. Here, Dan chose Light Aqua, Neon Yellow and Neon Green. Dan tells us to do 3 coats of glaze to make the colour stand out well.  Then, after 2 coats of over glaze, the pottery is ready to be fired in the kiln! The pieces come out looking like they do below:



If you would like to talk to Dan about his work, come to Pottery Works in the River Market, New Westminster Quay on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Dan is definitely the Man!